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RM Cruizer
RM Cruizer
Awesome, steel grey, Anglo-Arab, eight year old mare, RM Cruizer, AERC# H37551. 15 hands, athletic, forward, sane, responsive, intelligent, and actively competing in competitive and endurance. Lots of competitive miles, lots of long distance hauls & overnight camping. Started slow to build sound base by heavyweight. Easy to control and rate for confident rider. Bred for success! Dam: Jaipur's Journey, #H28855, in 2006 had started 29 LD rides, completed 28, earned 15 BC's, started 50 mile career at 17. Sire: Gray Smokey+, #3774, 50/100 mile horse, with get winning four IAHA National Championships in competitive and endurance. Check out AERC #s 8877; 16246; 7571; 15709; 3731; H31304, just to list a few get and their records. Cruizer loads, clips, shoes easily, ties, not spooky, has a fast walk, ground eating trot, and ready to compete now. Could also make a great hunter or three day event horse..handles her feet exceptionally well. Or just go trail riding...she has a great fast walk and fits in well with other horses. Available with tack, if interested. Call 785-665-7694 or email
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Cruizer at Season Finale 
Season Finale Endurance Ride, 2006